Sharish Blue Magic Gin

Sharish Blue Magic Gin

Antonio Cuco

51.00 CHF

Not available from January 1 to 9, 2022

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Sharish Gin is a Portuguese gin produced in Alentejo by Antonio Cuco. In addition to juniper berries, botanicals used in production include raspberries, strawberries, cinnamon and cardamom.

The magic touch comes from the flower of Clitoria Ternatea, which gives it its blue color and magically turns pink when you add tonic!

Portugal’s António Cuco has always been a fan of juniper distillate. Working behind a bar counter, he deepened his knowledge of gins from around the world. So he soon came up with the idea of making gin himself. When he received his certificate as a distiller in 2014, Sharish Gin was born. In 2015 he presented his product at Bar Convent Berlin and it was such a success that Sharish Gin became the most popular gin in Portugal. He also caused a stir with Sharish Blue Magic Gin, the first gin that is bluish in color due to the flower treatment and changes color when tonic is added.
Fruity freshness of apples and lemons, with subtle notes of juniper and spicy and floral undertones.
A new Portuguese gin produced by António Cuco in Alentejo. It is named after the village of Monsaraz, one of the most beautiful places in Portugal. The recipe also includes Portuguese ingredients that are distilled individually and then blended.





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