Amore Cerasuolo DOC BIO

Amore Cerasuolo DOC BIO

Colle San Massimo

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The wine of a night! That is, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo in the “rosé” version, obtained by soft pressing and a special vinification process where the skins are separated from the must, the result of which is a rosy color. It is a wine that can do a little bit of everything: it can be an excellent aperitif; it can be the ideal pairing for a seafood dinner; it can be the companion to the summer grill with the inevitable arrosticini; and above all, it is the wine that goes best with a plate of pasta with tomato sauce or pizza margherita; a wine that goes through any phase of the day, it is easy to drink and this is one of the reasons why it is preferred during the summer season.

Awards and honors:
certificate of excellence 2021 Organic Guide

Salvatore and Cinzia Salintario’s Podere “Colle San Massimo” represents an up-and-coming farm in Giulianova, Abruzzo, that works exclusively according to organic regulations. The winery is situated on a hillside by the sea that provides ideal conditions for viticulture; the balance of sunshine and cool breezes produces wines of excellent quality. Organic cultivation with a balanced ratio of pruning to grape quality, use of the best harvest time, hand picking and rapid processing of grapes to avoid unwanted fermentation starts and unpleasant oxidation and loss of aromas. The result is clean, fresh wines that best reflect the region and grape varieties


















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