Birds Weissbrand

Under the motto“The Culinary Journey Around the World,” the Weissbrand distillery combines German wine with the exotic from all five continents.
Complex, full-bodied and yet pleasantly soft character. Fresh citrus notes combined with pleasant warm tones of nutmeg, cocoa, and clove. A dash of African jungle pepper provides that certain panache.

Birds is a handcrafted Riesling spirit, refined with twelve natural organic ingredients from all five continents. The base is a slightly dry Mosel Riesling. Ingredients from Europe: orange peel, apple, and black currant; from Africa: clove and jungle pepper; from Asia: star anise and licorice; from Australia: mace and eucalyptus; from America: angelica root, cocoa peel, and pink pepper berries.
In 1993, business traveler Wolfgang Fichtl moved to the idyllic town of Bad Dürkheim near Mannheim in the Palatinate on Germany’s Wine Route. He settled in the small winery. In friendship with the winemaker, he distilled the first brandy. Since 2014 the company has been in the hands of Wolfgang’s children, along with their best friends.





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