Rum Zacapa No. 23 Gran Reserva + box set + 2 glasses

Rum Zacapa No. 23 Gran Reserva + box set + 2 glasses


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Matured for up to 23 years in the Guatemalan highlands in the Solera system, interacting with barrels that previously held Bourbon, Pedro Ximénez or Vino de Jerez. Here in a set with two glasses.

This Rum comes from Guatemala, where it is aged in a warehouse at an altitude of over 2300 meters, at an average temperature of just 17°C, using the Solera method. As a Solera blend, the rum contains components that range in age from six to 23 years, with younger components predominating. Launched in 1976, Zacapa rum no. 23 high presence in gastro and house bars around the world. It is especially aimed at beginners and lovers of sweet rums. In terms of taste, spicy oak, typical sherry raisins, caramel and vanilla predominate here. In addition, notes of caramel and honey resonate. The rum can be best enjoyed in the two glasses provided.






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