Rum Centenario 20 Años + box set + 2 glasses

Rum Centenario 20 Años + box set + 2 glasses


81.00 CHF

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Costa Rica’s premium rum, which has been allowed to mature for 20 years using the Solera process, is an established classic. Here it is available in a set with two glasses.

Centenario International SA has been producing premium rums in Costa Rica for nearly 100 years, while Centenario Fundación 20 Años Sistema Solera Reserva Especial has been part of the range since 1985.

This rum is a Solera blend of several old individual distillates, some of which have been able to mature for up to two decades. This means that there is also a certain percentage of younger distillates in the final result. The rum attracts a wide range of audiences with its flavor profile, which is infused with sweet vanilla and red fruits.






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