Roby Marton Premium Gin

This is a complex, yellowish-colored gin in which notes of juniper, licorice and ginger prevail on the palate, followed by more delicate citrus notes, while the nose covers a wide aromatic range, releasing the scents of red fruits, anise and cloves, but especially those of ginger and licorice.
The gin is made from grain alcohol and spring water and undergoes double distillation. At first a batch still is used, then a portion of the final distillate is finished by a cold infusion process.
Roby Marton is not only the name of the gin, it is also the name of its creator, who is of Veneto origin and has extensive experience in liquor production and distribution behind him. Marton has his gin produced at a historic distillery in Bassano, but he personally oversees every stage of production, including the selection of the best botanicals. In fact, always look for the best plants, and because they change according to season and climate, each batch of Roby Marton Gin may be a little different from the next




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