Matte Sloe Gin

For the highest requirements. Selected and local products with a strong focus on sustainability, these are the aspects that Matte Distillery in Bern has set its sights on. And this quality standard is clearly felt, both with the producers and their products. A 1000 L boiler is the heart of the distillery, which is located in the middle of Bern’s Matte district, from which it also takes its name.
Based on Matte Dry Gin, this Sloe Gin is handcrafted with sloes from the area around Bern.
A rather strong Sloe Gin that does not lose the necessary sweetness.Matte Sloe Gin has a very well balanced flavor and combines the taste of juniper and sloes very well. In addition there are fine notes of orange peel and almonds.

The centerpiece of the distillery is the 150-liter boiler. In it, opaque absinthe and opaque dry gin are distilled. From absinthe processing to distillation, filling and labeling, all steps are done by hand. Some absinthe plants are harvested in Bern, others come from Boveresse in the Val de Travers.






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