Rheinbrand Dry Gin Hemp Edition

Rheinbrand Dry Gin Hemp Edition


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London Dry Gin with CBD Hemp

Everyone is talking about it; legal hemp is currently very popular. The active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) is celebrated as a new miracle drug. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD has no psychoactive effects, so it is not a drug and therefore legal. CBD hemp is said to have a sleep-inducing, antibacterial or anti-inflammatory effect.

CBD hemp is grown in Switzerland, is legal, as mentioned, and its aroma is unmistakable. Reason enough to launch a gin on this basis.

We have been offering the Rheinbrand Gin Hemp Edition since April 2018. We use CBD hemp, which comes from the region and has been added to the distillation. This CBD hemp is legally available and has no effect on the central nervous system, so it is not intoxicating, but it does have a calming effect. The gin is unique and worth trying.

The road to this gin was rocky. A lot of trial and error, meticulous testing and a lot of patience were required to obtain today’s product. Sometimes the gin was too strong, then again too weak: the right blend was a great challenge. We are even more satisfied with today’s result. The gin-distilled on the proven Rheinbrand base-strikes a fine aroma and a subtle grass note, which is evident but not prominent. The slightly grassy aspect makes this gin an exciting element in the art of mixing bartenders and allows for new creations.

The gin was also tested during production. And the much-cited reassuring element applied. It is still unclear whether this is due to gin or hemp and is now part of a detailed investigation and numerous personal experiments.

  • Water from the source of the Rhine at Lake Tomasee in Graubünden, Switzerland
  • Juniper as a base and mountain herbs based on a secret combination from Graubünden in Switzerland
  • A small batch of cherries from the Basel area in Switzerland
  • Elderflower from Alsace in France
  • Riesling from the wonderful Rheingau in Germany
  • Sea salt, explicitly selected from the Rotterdam region of the Netherlands
  • In addition, the gin was refined with a little lemon and lemongrass
  • CBD hemp from Switzerland, more specifically from Allschwil

Raphael Wyniger of Basel has launched new spirits together with Ruedi Käser of Käsers Schloss and Adrian Baumgartner under the Rheinbrand.





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