Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin

Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin


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Gin Nordés is a Spanish distillate born in charming Galicia from a mix of local “botanicals,” expertly crafted. A gin with a unique profile, far from the classic gins that saturate the market, strongly identifying. In fact, it strikes the nose for its savory profile, reminiscent of the breezes that, on a daily basis, blow over Galicia bringing with them the scent of the sea. A label that is aesthetically dressed with a stylized globe, where a small red arrow indicates precisely the territory of origin. Peculiar, it is recommended for Gin enthusiasts who want to experience something new.

Nordés Gin comes from a peculiar production process. In fact, the initial alcohol base is a distillate of Albariño wine, a grape traditionally grown in Galicia, in which various ingredients are left to infuse. In addition to juniper, ample space is devoted to Galician spices such as sage, mint, bay leaf, cardamom, and ginger. The entire distillation process is followed with care and attention, concentrating the most intense and pure scents in the “heart” of the product. After processing is complete, the Gin is ready to be bottled and marketed.

Gin Nordés comes in the goblet completely colorless, crystal clear and transparent. The bouquet of notes that develop on the nose tells of a swathing floral texture, from which slowly emerge hints of herbs and more marine and iodized hints. On the palate it is medium-bodied, smooth and light thanks to a very balanced fresh sip, pleasant to drink. A label that comes from a young Spanish distillery in the heart of Galicia, whose name recalls the impetuous mistral wind that comes from the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the walls within which the soul of this Gin is forged.






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