LieblingGin Lemongrass Ginger Gin

LieblingGin Lemongrass Ginger Gin


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On the nose, juniper is mainly framed by ginger, while lemongrass dominates the palate, enhancing fresh, oriental aromas.

Liebling Gins are made by Felix Kaltenthaler in Westhofen near Worms. He is also responsible for Revolte Rum, which has become an integral part of the bar scene. In his small copper still, he also creates products as a contract distiller in which quality and a certain recognition value are top priorities.
Six young people wanted to create a unique gift for a mutual friend who left Basel for a foreign country. A Basil specialty gin. The idea for Basler Läckerli Gin was born, and after 2 years and many tastings, here is Basler Läckerli Gin and Lemongrass Ginger Gin.






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