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When you say Barbaresco, the first word that comes to mind is GAJA!

An extraordinary and long-lived wine that vintage after vintage makes history, it may not be as emblazoned as its brother Barolo but its distinctiveness and character make it among the greatest protagonists of this land. It was in 1961 when Angelo Gaja decided to make this wine known to the world, sensing that from the United States it could begin its rise; to this day, after more than half a century, it has become the flag bearer of the winery, an unmistakable brand of Piedmontese and Italian oenology.

Dark garnet red in color, it has a perfect olfactory impact rich in dark spices, berries, black cherry and sandalwood. The palate gives mighty structure, perfect balance and unparalleled tannic texture, portending very long aging.

It rests for two years between barrique and large cask.

The Gaja winery was founded in 1859 in Barbaresco, in the heart of the Langhe region, and has always been recognized as one of the symbolic names in Barbaresco wine production.

From founder Giovanni up to Angelo Gaja, this family has been able to establish itself on the world wine scene thanks to a very precise recipe: the pursuit of quality. Piedmont is one of the most vocated regions for the production of great wines, where Nebbiolo often takes on the contours of poetry, but the soil is obviously not enough: it requires the passion and expertise of great men. And the Gaja name is certainly in this category.

Angelo Gaja, the grandfather, in the 1960s had the merit of renewing traditions and importing new production techniques: from lowering production per hectare to greater control of fermentation temperature, to careful use of barrique and the use of longer corks. In this way, Gaja has been able to stay in step with the times, without falling into the error of fossilizing in the groove of tradition. A success, Gaja’s, built with intelligence and intuition, inherited from the rigor and sacrifices of predecessors and developed and consolidated in recent decades thanks to Angelo’s formidable leadership.

The past as an experience, the future as a goal: this is how Gaja has built around itself the image of a strong and indispensable brand, a symbol of the greatness of Barbaresco and of a wine that knows how to tell the poetry of its territory in the glass.

















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