Citadelle Dry Gin Reserve

Citadelle Dry Gin Reserve


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Citadelle Reserve Gin is enriched with 19 botanicals from around the world and matured in the solera system for six months in oak barrels that previously contained cognac.

Gin aged, stored for about 6 months in small French oak Cognac barrels, Solera system

International Wine and Spirits Competition 2017 Silver

With cardamom and anise, juniper, vanilla and oak on the nose. On the palate with several spicy notes, cedar wood and herbs. Floral notes of lavender and rosemary marry with spices after the first sip. Long, floral finish.

This gin is made according to the original recipe of Carpeau and Stival. Citadelle Reserve Gin is the only gin in the world that is distilled using the Cognac process, that is, in small Charentaise stills. The base is wheat from the Beauce region, which is mixed with pure Angeac/Cognac spring water and fermented with the addition of a special strain of yeast. After fermentation, the wort is distilled three times. Finally, 19 different herbs and spices are added to the neutral alcohol. Botanicals used include almonds and lemon peels from Spain, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, licorice from China, cubeb pepper from Java, grains of paradise from West Africa, and juniper and violets from France. After steeping the botanicals, the gin is distilled a fourth time and then transferred to lightly toasted French oak barrels that previously contained cognac for six months.






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