Rosé Eins Zwei Zero without alcohol – Leitz

Rosé Eins Zwei Zero without alcohol – Leitz


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Leitz Winery’s Eins Zwei Zero Rosé is a non-alcoholic version of the Eins Zwei Dry Rosé.

The Eins Zwei Dry wine series was even awarded the “If Communication Design Award” in 2019. excellent.

As the demand for non-alcoholic wine variants is increasing, the Leitz family of Rüdesheim has developed a non-alcoholic alternative to fruity summer wine and is therefore perfect. Eins Zwei Zero Rosé is no match for an alcoholic rosé, except that it can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. For the production of non-alcoholic rosé, the Leitz family uses the most modern variant, vacuum production. This is very popular because the wine does not have to be heated as much and the aromas can be preserved. But the alcohol in wine evaporates at 29 degrees. It is thus possible to produce a wine that contains 0.0% alcohol, but at the same time has varied and intense aromas. Eins Zwei Zero is made from the Merlot, Portugieser and Pinot Noir grape varieties. With its harmonious fruitiness, Eins Zwei Zero Rose is the perfect summer wine. A strong note of rhubarb opens at first, followed by subtle notes of rosehip and raspberry. Not only can rosé wine compete with a true rosé on the outside, but it also convinces in terms of taste on an overall level. The palate is soft and fruity, rounded by a slight acidity

The winemaking history of the Leitz family of Rüdesheim dates back to 1744. The winery is one of the best in Germany.















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