Esporao Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Norte

Esporao Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Norte

Herdade Do Esporao

12.00 CHF

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View: yellow green. Nose: ripe yellow fruits, with hints of apple and hazelnut. Taste: Sweet, very sweet and slightly bitter, reminiscent of nuts. Use: with all dishes.

The olives are harvested separately according to their variety and taken to Herdade do Esporão for immediate further processing. Extraction begins with rapid grinding of the fruit. After a slurry has formed at the bottom, it is crushed briefly at very low temperatures so that the oil can break free from the cellulosic cells of the olives and the characteristic aromas of the varieties that characterize this olive oil are preserved. The mixture is then sent to the decanter, where the olive oil is separated from the “pomace” and water, resulting in olive oil that still contains moisture and impurities. The olive oil is cleaned by centrifugation and then immediately filtered and bottled.

The Esporão project began in Alentejo with the goal of producing the best wines. This goal underlies all the winery’s activities and is also transferred to other products and regions. White, rosé and red wines are produced on 692 hectares under the appellations DOC Alentejo and Vinho Regional Alentejano, as well as

organic olive oil







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