Quattromani Merlot Cuvée del Ticino DOC 2013

Quattromani Merlot Cuvée del Ticino DOC 2013

Swiss Premium Wine

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The color is rich and bright burgundy red. With the Quattromani, Ticino’s four best winemakers create a colossus of first-rate Merlot each year. The fragrance is intense and fruity. On the nose aromas of ripe fruit, roasted aromas, coffee and chocolate. Lots of elegance on the palate and lots of body with soft, sweet tannins. The prelude is soft and full. A top Ticino wine of remarkable structure and body with a long, fresh and harmonious finish. This Merlot offers an unforgettable drinking experience!

Grapes from selected old vines are pressed separately by each producer. Several tastings, meticulously performed, decide the final blend. Particular attention is paid to the balance between the different characters of the four growing regions. Quattromani is aged in new French oak barrels for more than 16 months.

The grapes come from four different regions in Ticino. From Mendrisiotto by Brivio Vini SA, from the Lugano area by Tamborini Carlo SA, from the Locarno area by Vini & Distillati Delea SA and from the Three Valleys (Bassa Leventina, Blenio and Riviera) by Gialdi Vini SA.


Brivio / Gialdi / Delea / Tamborini

Community wine for wine lovers. It is a wine of the highest quality, which is at the same time a complete reflection of Ticino and its favorite grape variety, Merlot. Quattromani is a wine composed of four pure Merlots. The personality of the Quattromani consists of four characters: fragrance (Brivio) from the Mendrisiotto; harmony and structure (Tamborini) from the Lugano area; elegance (Delea) from the Locarno area; and class (Gialdi) from the “Three Valleys” area in northern Ticino.

















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