Mistero Sangiovese di Romagna DOC Superiore

Mistero Sangiovese di Romagna DOC Superiore

Ca’ Lunga

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Created for people who like a well-balanced wine suitable for any occasion.

Dense and dark ruby red color with garnet hues, clear and with great texture. The nose is assertive, broad and complex: blackberries, plums and cherry jam are recognizable. Pleasant light roasted and spicy notes. The palate is warm, enveloping and round, with good extract and soft tannins. Remarkably structured, it is characterized by good balance and a really pleasant freshness and harmony. Pai very long with light notes of leather.

Composition: Sangiovese 88%, Merlot 12%.

The winery established in 1961 has now reached the third generation in its management: Paolo Cassetta, currently the owner, with the valuable advice of his father and grandfather, combined with the professionalism of the agronomist and oenologist he decided to use from the beginning, initiated a plan to modernize the winery, which started with an accurate and in-depth study of the pedo-climatic characteristics of the various soils of the farm.

On completion, a total conversion of 12 hectares of property with high-intensity, low production plants per strain took place. The choice of grape varieties went to those that best suited the type of soils and climate, as reflected in the studies conducted. More in-depth research merited sangiovese, a grape variety that the winery has decided to enhance.

This combined with the best and most sophisticated winery technologies has led to elevating the quality and value of its wines. Wood is used only to enhance the characteristics of the winery’s most important wines and is not intended to be the prevailing, but only enhancing element.
















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