Mamma Mia! Limoncello

Mamma Mia! Limoncello


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Unique lemons from southern Italy, natural flavors and little sugar give this limoncello a distinctive taste.

Jean-Robert Bellanger came into contact with Amaretto at an early age because his mother always refined her beloved tiramisu with two drops of Italian almond liqueur. After working for a while in the luxury and beverage industry in France, he founded his own company and initially began producing a 100% natural premium Amaretto. Bellanger soon landed in Puglia, southern Italy, his wife’s native region. The region is known not only for its almonds, but also for the cultivation of one of Italy’s oldest lemon varieties, Feminello Del Gargano. They have been growing in the Gargano Park on an Apulian peninsula since 1850 and are harvested by hand. It is these lemons that give Bellanger’s Limoncello its unique character, which contains only half the sugar of a classic limoncello. No dyes or preservatives are added, making this limoncello a 100 percent natural liqueur.










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