Studer Vieille Prune Réserve Baron Louis with 24 karat gold sheets + box set

Studer Vieille Prune Réserve Baron Louis with 24 karat gold sheets + box set


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Studer’s premium liqueur, which has won numerous awards for its taste and bottle design, is based on a proven secret recipe.
In this version, the fine brandy was also filled in the Matterhorn bottles with real 24ct gold flakes.

Whether it is vodka, absinthe, fruit brandy or gin, the managers of the traditional Studer distillery know their craft. You can then look back not only at a company history that goes back more than 200 years, but also at numerous awards and recognitions. The company itself has been named “best distiller” for three consecutive years. The family of master distillers achieved similar success with Vieille Prune Réserve Baron Louis plum liqueur: the premium drink won gold at the International Spirits Competition in 2011 and 2012. He received the Gold Award and the Master Award for Design and Packaging at the London Liqueur Masters.

But what makes it so special? First, Studer distillery recipes are based on secret traditional recipes from the 19th century, which hiking-loving ancestors collected from all countries and regions. The master distiller also uses carefully selected and fully ripe plums for his distillate. The Swiss Premium Gold Edition is a collection of selected fine Studer spirits that have been refined with flakes of real 24-karat gold.






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