Malfy Gin Original

Malfy Gin Originale is a classic “juniper forward” gin, so it is dry, with predominant juniper notes, joined by a freshness given by very light citrus notes and a hint of spicy coriander notes.
Malfy Gin is produced by Torino Distillati in Moncalieri, a distillery established in 1906 and run by the Vergnano family. The two distillers of Malfy Gin are Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni. Malfy Gin’s official website states that the gin was invented in Italy. In fact, one of the oldest proto-gin was created in the year 1000 in the Salerno coast by some monks who made an infusion of juniper and other botanicals in alcohol to create a liquor with a medicinal function as well.
Malfy Gin Originale is made in a traditional Italian stainless steel vacuum still with Italian juniper and Italian winter wheat (gluten-free). It is brought to gradation with spring water from Monviso (the purest and highest spring in Italy).








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