La Larme de l’Âme BIO

La Larme de l’Âme BIO

Domaine des Enfants

70.00 CHF

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The wine is a blend of the best locations and consists mainly of Syrah as well as Grenache and Carignano. Individual batches are spontaneously fermented in 600-liter open fermenters. Syrah ages in barrels, Grenache and Carignan are matured in once-used 400- and 600-liter barrels to best preserve the fruit and still support the wines’ structure.

It has this rarely encountered fusion of strength and elegance. Soft glaze combined with fresh, mineral acidity, nice dark fruit that lingers long on the tongue. Reminiscent of alcohol-soaked plums and blackberries, with very subtle smoky and vanilla notes. Firm but not aggressive tannic structure. The scent is initially very restrained, then opens up with each minute more and more with a very noble, dark fruity and mineral bouquet

The creation of Domaine des Enfants is the realization of a dream: to become oneself, to be in harmony with oneself, others and nature. As a result, our wines are the result of our work in and with nature. The love and energy we invest in caring for these powerful and extraordinary vines give us peace and satisfaction. Watching these frugal plants grow and thrive under our care is a reward and makes us proud. With our work, we want to live our creativity and create something extraordinary, something that gives joy to us and others, brings them closer to each other and to themselves. We hope with our wines

Our wines are an expression of the inner quest for perfection and refinement, craftsmanship and living our creativity. They are the fruit of our passion. With them we want to encourage people to enjoy life and share and give the joy of fun and life itself with other people. Our wines aim to inspire conversations, but less about wine than about life itself. It is our means of connecting with other people, exchanging ideas with them, awakening emotions and occasionally participating in them.

Domaine des Enfants stands for artisanal wines with high quality standards and distinguishes itself nicely and convincingly from the lucrative mass-market industry with its standardized and pleasant consumer wines.
















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