Filliers Dry Gin 28

The history of the traditional Filliers distillery from Belgium dates back to 1880. Now managed in the fifth generation. In 2012 he also launched his own gin, Filliers Dry Gin 28. This number is representative of the number of botanicals contained in this gin. They have since brought new and exciting gin creations to the market.
Intense aroma of oranges and spices such as coriander, pepper and cardamom. On the palate, intense aromas of ripe oranges, strong juniper, coriander, some pepper, mild ginger and licorice. The long, sweet aftertaste features lavender, licorice, citrus, and juniper.

The secret of Filliers Dry Gin 28 lies in its harmonious blend of 28 types of botanicals. The exact proportions were recorded by Firmin Filliers in his authentic recipe, which has since been handed down from father to son in the Filliers distilling dynasty.





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