IBZ 48 Gin by Familia Mari Mayans

IBZ 48 Gin by Familia Mari Mayans


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This gin comes from Ibiza from the makers of “Hierbas Ibericas.” Spain is considered a gin stronghold when it comes to the consumption of this distillate, but relatively few products come from the Iberian country. Mari Mayans Distillery now has the courage to bring a gin to market for the second time. IBZ Premium Gin was successfully launched some time ago.
Powerful Mediterranean spices, fruity notes of citrus, juniper bring Spanish sunshine into your home. Garnish with a sprig of thyme.

A clear, Mediterranean gin is distilled in a classic copper still in double distillation. Notes of juniper and citrus from Spanish fruits bring a lot of flavor.

Ibiza’s herbal liqueur

For more than 130 years, the Mari Mayans family has been collecting various recipes and carefully studying the effects of various herbs to finally develop a product that combines the island’s many secrets and becomes a brand name: Mari Mayans Hierbas Ibicencas.





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