Red Door Highland Gin

The idea behind Red Door Gin is simple: to capture the spirit of Scotland’s mountains, forests and coastlineand encapsulate them in a craft gin that was distinctive and recognizable. For this reason the traditional botanicals are joined by three typical Highland botanicals. The copper still in which this London Dry is made is handmade and steam distills. It is nicknamed Peggy in honor of Peggy Urquhart, wife of George Urquhart, second generation of the owners of the family-owned Gordon and MacPhail distillery.

Red Door Gin is full-bodied and complex, with an excellent balance between the more classic London Dry Gin botanicals and three unusual botanicals that grow wild in Scotland, which make the gin’s organoleptic profile unique and distinctive. Notes of juniper and bitter orange emerge, combined with the citrusy and fruity notes of sea buckthorn, while the pearls of heather add a floral and barely herbaceous touch also perceptible on the nose. Rowan berries give peculiar just-bitter notes, with hints in the background of chocolate and smoky; it is this botanical that gives the gin its bittersweet character and full-bodied taste. The finish is rich and very long. Because it is a very smooth gin, it is also delicious neat despite its high alcohol content, as well as being an excellent base for gin tonics and classic cocktails.
Red Door Gin is handcrafted by the London Dry method with steam infusion, using a traditional copper still nicknamed “Peggy.” The small batches contain five classic gin botanicals and three botanicals typical of the mountains and coasts of Scotland: pearls of heather (a plant in the Ericaceae family, common in the hills of Scotland), rowan berries (typical of wooded areas), and sea buckthorn (technical name: Hippophae, typical of the Scottish coast).






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