Prosecco Millesimato Rosé Brut Bosco del Merlo

Prosecco Millesimato Rosé Brut Bosco del Merlo

Bosco del Merlo

18.50 CHF

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The novelty of the Blackbird Woods! A sociable prosecco in good company!

The color is bright pink, with fine and persistent perlage. The palate is fresh and floral, with a burst of freshness and nice body on the palate, thanks to the juiciness and oily persistence of the floral and fruity notes.

Grapes are crushed at a lower yield/hectare in order to achieve greater intensity of color and aroma. They are separated and vinified at different times; after soft pressing, the must ferments at a low temperature (15°C) to enhance freshness and fruity notes. The Charmat method is used for froth formation, that is, fermentation in steel tanks at low temperature and frequent recirculation to improve fragrance and fine perlage. Foam formation lasts for more than 60 days.

85% Glera (Prosecco)
15% Pinot Noir

Awards: Silver medal at the 2019 Champagne &Sparkling Wine competition.

Bosco del Merlo is the most mature expression of a project that has involved the Paladin family for many years, and is expressed through wines that tell the typicality of the territory, in all its nuances. A wine route that combines tradition, culture and courage; uses the most advanced technologies, with total respect for ethics and the environment in which it operates, in order to satisfy customers and connoisseurs with uncompromising quality and products of authentic character, destined for the tables of Italian and international haute cuisine.
















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