Licor 43 Chocolate

Tasted neat or on the rocks, this liqueur is reminiscent of milk chocolate that melts in the mouth.

Spiced liquor and milk: before 1924, no one would have thought it was a good combination.
At that time, in a distillery in Cartagena, the legendary Spanish 43 liqueur was created from as many ingredients, most of them secret.
It took a long time to consolidate its success: only in 2016 did the company begin to gradually expand its range.
In addition to the legendary original and the Horchata and Baristo editions, now included is Licor 43 Chocolate, first presented in a limited edition in 2021.
As the name suggests, in this case the liquor was refined with chocolate made from 100 percent sustainably produced cocoa.
Licor 43 Chocolate is predestined for both “with a shot” coffee specialties and dessert drinks: it can be combined, for example,
with a hot or iced espresso (in this case it is a “Carajillo”) or hot chocolate.
Creamy, chocolatey liquor can also be used to make desserts, including brownies, marbled cake, pudding, and cream.

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