Gosling’s Black Seal Rum

Gosling Rum Black Seal is inevitably associated with the famous ‘Dark & Stormy’ cocktail. It is said that distillery founder James Gosling invented this classic cocktail himself, although it is not very difficult to imitate it-all you need is ginger beer, a dash of fresh lime juice and, of course, Gosling Rum Black Seal, which is considered the original rum for this long drink. The distillery itself, founded in 1806, is still in family hands today. It is located on the small Caribbean island of Bermuda, known to many for the Bermuda Triangle that is said to be near the island.
A three-year-old premium blend with a deep, dark color. Aroma full, round and slightly strong, but well balanced.
Notes of coffee, caramel, toffee and vanilla. Spicy with a slight sweetness.
A blend of three separately aged Caribbean rums. They got married and bottled up in Bermuda.
The family business was founded in 1806 by James Gosling, the son of an English wine and spirits merchant. In 1857 a formulation was developed for mixing rum, which was filled into champagne bottles and sealed with black wax. Seal means both sigil and seal. Thus was born the logo with the black seal.





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