Rum Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva + box set

Rum Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva + box set


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Destileria Unidas in Venezuela is home to one of today’s most popular rums.
Surrounded by sugarcane plantations in the foothills of the Venezuelan Andes, the distillery is located where ideal conditions prevail in terms of climate and soil. Something special is happening in the distillery itself, unusual for Spanish-style rum, three different distillation processes are used here: batch kettle, column still and pot still. Depending on the bottling, rums are blended differently. Or you bring out limited bottlings like the Destillen series.
Due to the long maturation in exclusive white oak barrels, this rum has a very intense body with perfect balance. Aromas of dark dried fruits, nuts, cinnamon. Light notes of leather and tobacco.
Rum has been produced in Venezuela since 1896. Old knowledge and favorable soil and climate conditions give Venezuelan rum its unique character. Destilerias Unidas Corp. values traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. This creates a variety of liquors with different aromas and flavors.
Only rums that have been distilled in the copper still are used for Reserva Exclusiva. They then mature for at least 12 years in used American white oak where bourbon was stored.
As a result, this rum is stronger and spicier than other similar rums.
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