Gin Tschin

The Käser family has been growing vegetables and fruits for five generations on their farm in Elfingen, Aargau. A still was later built, from which a wide variety of alcoholic products are made: whiskey, fruit spirits, and gin. Käsers Schloss has since become a household name in the spirits scene, and all that has been learned is being passed on to the next generation to continue running this company successfully.
Sweet aroma on the nose, typical juniper note with some woodruff. On the palate, almonds and lavender, surprisingly fruity and tart. Spicy and peppery finish.

Juniper or Reckholder, as it is called in Fricktal, combined with Fricktal cherry blossom, woodruff and exotic fruits and spices.

The idyllic Käser castle farm is located in the middle of the gentle landscape of Fricktal Aargau. A paradise for those interested in discovery and those who enjoy innovative, refined and all-natural gourmet products. High crop quality is the prerequisite for first-class brandies and whiskies.






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