Mare Mediterranean Gin 1.75 lt. + box set

Mare Mediterranean Gin 1.75 lt. + box set

Gin Mare

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On the nose, G’Vine FloraiGin Mare definitely has a “Mediterranean” flavor. The nose has a grassy scent, and juniper and thyme dominate, with a distant hint of olive. The flavor is juniper, with an aftertaste of basil and rosemary, thyme, and coriander. The combination is flavorful and the taste is different from other gins because it combines the traditional flavor with its own completely original twist. It is among the few truly herbaceous gins.

Gin Mare, produced in the small Spanish town of Vilanova i la Geltru, near Barcelona, represents the Mediterranean spirit. The still used is located in a chapel, inside what was once a monastery, purchased by the Giro Ribot family in the 1950s. They launched their first gin in 1940, GIN MG, one of the best-selling gins in Spain to this day. When they decided to create a gin containing local botanicals they began to experiment until, in 2007, in collaboration with Global Premium Brands, they created Gin Mare. To decide on the combination of botanicals they distilled 45 separately then moved on to the difficult choice. Finally they thought of combining Arbequina olives. The stainless steel jug that is used to fill the still is a reproduction of the original one used for more than 30 years in the distillery. A Latin motto runs around the stained glass window above the chapel door, and it also appears on the bottle: Mundus appellatur Caelum, terra et mare: the world is the whole of sky, earth and sea.

Gin Mare is produced at the distillery in Vilanova I La Geltru, Spain, with a 250-liter Florentine still. Citrus fruits are macerated for a long time, more than 300 days, while the other botanicals are infused separately for about 36 hours and then distilled. Distillation takes about 4 1/2 hours. 200 liters are distilled at a time; in the first hour and a half, the ideal temperature of about 80 degrees is reached and the first 5 liters of head are discarded, kept about 105 liters of heart and finally discarded the 90 liters of distillation tails. Neutral spirits and water are mixed during the 6 different distillations.







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