Franciacorta DOCG Canto delle Cicale Extra Brut

Franciacorta DOCG Canto delle Cicale Extra Brut


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It is the latest wine from the Le Cantorie family and has replaced the Franciacorta Brut type

It is called “Il Canto delle Cicale” because the area where the vineyards and winery reside was called, 80 years ago, “le Cantorie,” because it was the area where cicadas sang both day and night in the summertime.

Our Extra Brut boasts minimum aging of 27 to 30 months on its lees, a full 10 to 12 months more than the minimum 18 months imposed by the Franciacorta production specification.

Time spent on the lees awakens unprecedented harmonies in the wine, all to be experienced.

This Franciacorta is made with the classic method from selected Chardonnay (80%) and Pinot noir (20%) grapes, and it gathers in itself all the characteristics of the terroir. It is complex yet fragrant, savory and mineral, with a very fine perlage and fruity and yeasty aromas, elegant and refined on the palate.

Love for the land, the vine and its products has accompanied the Bontempi family for generations. It is undoubtedly Luigi Bontempi, a paternal grandfather since childhood nicknamed ” Balenc “, who inspired the birth of this new winemaking reality, passing on the care and passion for the vineyard to his son Emiliano who, strengthened by the support of his wife Maria – owner of the winery – and the young enthusiasm of his daughters Erika and Elisabetta – production manager – has completed the realization of an ambitious project that, however, continues to smell of home.















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