Disaronno Velvet

Soft, sweet, creamy-with the unmistakable taste of Italian amaretto: Disaronno Velvet Liqueur expands the traditional Italian brand’s portfolio from 2020.
Whether it is hot amaretto with cream, amaretto cream cake or amaretto cream liqueur, the nutty marzipan flavor of Italian liqueur and the creamy sweet taste of cream go well together.
Traditional producer Disaronno also recognized this and in 2020 launched a cream liqueur mixed with amaretto.
As the oldest Amaretto ever, Amaretto Disaronno is made from apricot kernels that have been macerating in grappa for over a hundred years.
While the original in the iconic bottle tastes like liquid marzipan, the newly developed liqueur has notes of vanilla, cream, caramel, almonds and apricots.
Velvet Liqueur can be served neat over ice, as an addition to milk or coffee, and as an ingredient in exclusive cream cocktails.





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