Diadema Magnum 1.5 lt. Blanc de Blanc Brut Classical Method Ticino DOC

Diadema Magnum 1.5 lt. Blanc de Blanc Brut Classical Method Ticino DOC


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Spumante Metodo Classico Diadema is made with 100% Ticino Chardonnay grapes from the Quartino vineyards, harvested in 2019, to create a high-quality wine through a carefully followed artisanal process.

Here are the main steps:

  • Harvest and pressing: Chardonnay grapes are harvested in late August from the Quartino vineyards. After harvest, a soft pressing takes place to extract the must from the grapes.
  • First fermentation: The must obtained from pressing undergoes first fermentation in temperature-controlled tanks, a process that converts the sugars in the must into alcohol.
  • Frothing: In March 2020, frothing is performed. The yeasts consume the sugar, producing carbon dioxide that gives the desired internal pressure, bringing the pressure of the bottle, with a crown cap, to 6.5 bar.
  • Maturation sur lattes: After the second fermentation, the bottles are placed horizontally for an aging period from March 2020 to January 2023. During this period, the wine develops the desired aromatic complexity and characteristics.
  • Remuage: To prepare the wine for disgorgement, bottles are placed on pupitres and remuage is carried out, which involves the progressive rotation of bottles on pupitres. After about 3 weeks of remuage, the bottles are placed vertically, allowing the yeast to reach the neck of the bottle and settle in the bidule (a plastic insert located in the crown cap where residue is deposited and then removed during disgorgement)
  • Disgorgement: To prepare the wine for marketing, we performed disgorgement in April. The disgorging process involves removing the frozen cork, allowing the yeasts deposited in the neck of the bottle to be expelled by internal pressure, leaving the wine clear and free of sediment.

Get ready for a unique sensory experience with Angelo Delea’s new Blanc de Blanc Brut. This sparkling white wine is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes from Ticino DOC. It is vinified using the strict Metodo Classico method, which guarantees superior quality. The first harvest was in 2019 and the disgorgement was in April 2023.

Brut sparkling wine with a bright straw yellow color alive with golden highlights, a real sight for the eyes. Perlage composed of fine, numerous and persistent bubbles, sparkling wine that is so fresh on the palate. Its aroma of yeast, custard and minerality will envelop you in a fragrant embrace.

But it is on the palate that this Blanc de Blanc proves to be truly extraordinary. Its fermentation in the bottle and aging in the cellar for 36 months on its own yeasts give the bubbles a creamy structure and a wealth of fruity flavors.

This sparkling wine pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes, from the freshness of fish crudités to delicate white meats. But don’t forget to be tempted by desserts and sweets, because Angelo Delea’s Blanc de Blanc Brut will enhance every dish with its elegance and harmony.

Trust us and don’t miss the opportunity to delight your taste buds with this extraordinary sparkling wine. Choose Angelo Delea’s Blanc de Blanc Brut and be transported on a journey to taste heaven.

A history steeped in fine wines, love of tradition and careful innovation. A story that began thanks to Angelo Delea and is carried on today, always with the same passion and dedication, by his sons David and Cesare.

It all begins in Losone, in the heart of Ticino, in 1983, and it is Ticino with its mild microclimate and rich soil that, by offering its best fruits, allows us to create superior wine.

Over the years, Delea Wines & Distillates has been able to evolve while maintaining very high levels of quality, as evidenced by numerous awards and recognitions. In fact, today it stands as an innovative and spectacular company that can boast a Team of more than 40 people.

















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