Arneis Monferrato Bianco DOC Rio del Lupo

Arneis Monferrato Bianco DOC Rio del Lupo

Rio del Lupo

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When our Monferrato Bianco is bottled, it needs a few more months of rest before it has deepened its particular aroma and transformed into a light, aromatic and dry white wine.

Rather sour/dry with contained fruit than soft/lovely, it is not in the mainstream of current fashionable white wines in terms of taste. Mineral, aromatic, rounded by a slight almond note, it is an easily digestible table wine, highly recommended especially in the summer months.

Arneis is a very old grape variety and was very popular in the 15th century. It is grown exclusively in Piedmont and is very often called “White Barolo.” In the early 1990s this grape variety was almost extinct; it has since been rediscovered and has experienced a revival.

The Arneis vines planted in Rio del Lupo were initially quite delicate, so much so that wine producers from neighboring lands were quite skeptical. As early as the third year, the vines were vigorous, and we were eagerly awaiting the result of winemaking. The first 2009 vintage of our Monferrato Bianco was a great success partly due to the sunshine, the soil, the location and the winemakers’ work in the vineyard. Each new vintage confirms that Arneis grapes thrive here similarly to those found in the Roero. Lovers of a summery, mild, dry wine will appreciate Monferrato Bianco.

Monferrato Bianco can be tasted during the annual wine festival in Loazzolo in early August, where it has earned a place among the area’s best wines. It was a special recognition for our Arneis grapes.




















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