TerreNobili Swiss Italian IGT

TerreNobili Swiss Italian IGT

Tamborini Carlo

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Terrenobili Merlot grapes come from several Ticino vineyards. In winemaking, which was done according to the most modern criteria, the emphasis was on lightness and primary aromas and less on tannins and thus longevity. Result: It is a smooth, very fine, extremely fruity and harmonious wine.


medium ruby red with violet hues


a very fruity nose with aromas of red berries, cherries and plums


The palate is lively, elegant and smooth. Very fruity finish

We need authentic stories. Also today. Even in the hustle and bustle of the world we inhabit. The Tamborini family tells us about his family’s. It is a special story that has been 75 years old and involved three generations. It is the story of sun, rain, wind and grapes ripening south of the Alps in a peculiar territory.

We will continue to need stories, emotions to share and excellent wine. To uncork a Tamborini bottle is to savor the present, to remember the past and invent the future.

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