Taittinger Body Warm Vest S

Taittinger Body Warm Vest S


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Great wine for special occasions!

Fine fruit with buttery, slightly yeasty notes. The palate is very full-bodied, subtle sweetness, silky, almost creamy texture, very fine perlage, very persistent aroma.

Partially fermented in barrels, matured on yeasts for 4-5 years

  • 55% Chardonnay
  • 45% Pinot Noir

The Taittinger family has operated the Champagne House for nearly a century. His goal has always been the pursuit of excellence. “Having our family name on a bottle places demands and responsibilities at every minute. The name on the bottle conveys both the skills and knowledge of the past and a commitment to the future.” Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger has embodied this commitment for 40 years and today shares it with his son, Clovis, and daughter, Vitalie, who both work alongside him in the day-to-day management of the Champagne Maison. Together, they create a close-knit and complementary family trio.




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