Triple Three Gin Just Juniper Berry

Triple Three Gin Just Juniper Berry

Triple Three

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Back to the roots with “Just Juniper”

Experience the smooth, pure taste of this carefully balanced distillate, inspired by the earliest recorded gin recipes, made from juniper berries. Each distillation is carefully crafted to ensure a flavorful gin with distinct juniper notes for your maximum drinking pleasure.

Triple Three Just Juniper Gin received two trophies at the prestigious “The Trophy Spirits Show”: the Investec Trophy for best London gin and the Riedel Trophy for best gin at the show. This is an outstanding performance for a South African craft gin in a competition in which he was judged against some of the world’s best.
Triple Three also received bronze medals for the other three gins, African Botanical Gin, Citrus Infusion Gin and Raspberry Blush Gin.
Rolf Zeitvogel, Master Distiller at Triple Three Distillery in Somerset West, is incredibly proud of the recognition he and his team have received. “It is proof that passion and motivation in creating the best gin pays off. We are extremely honored to have the best gin at the show and that all of our submitted products received awards. We have kept our gins authentic and consistent, and now we can proudly say that they are recognized as such. Thanks to The Trophy Spirit Show for its high standards of integrity and professionalism and especially thanks to the dedicated team at Triple Three Distillery.
About Triple Three Just Juniper Gin: The gin is inspired by early recorded gin recipes and is distilled only with juniper. This makes it truly unique since most gins are distilled with three or more botanicals. One might expect a gin, distilled from a single botanical, to be one-dimensional on the palate, yet Just Juniper Gin has balance and complexity with notes of citrus, herbs, spices and flowers.

The perfect serve-with its intense juniper flavor, this pure gin is the perfect partner for a “Gin Tonic.” It is also very suitable as a base for a “Pink Gin” or “Negroni” and with its silkiness is a discreet companion in the champagne cocktail “French75.”

Just Juniper: it is the basis of all our Gin

About the distiller: Rolf Zeitvogel is a third-generation distiller who grew up in the Black Forest in Germany and has now lived in South Africa for more than 20 years. He believes in creating authentic, quality products and is passionate about ingredients and regularly seeks out new botanicals. His liqueurs regularly win awards in international competitions, and his fruit brandies are used as a benchmark in Germany. Triple Three Distillery continues to build an international community that values special moments with extraordinary products and a love of discovering new flavors.







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