Malfy Lemon Gin

Malfy Gin is exactly as it is described by the producers: a distinctly citrusy gin. In fact, on the nose it is definitely the refreshing notes of lemon that prevail, but even on the palate it is the lemon that releases in the mouth before anything else, with all its freshness. The flavors of the other botanicals follow, with the drier notes of juniper and the spicier ones. On the finish the lemon again, but with more balsamic and spicy notes to act as a counterpoint. Overall it is very soft, just sweet, drinkable.
Malfy Gin is a 100 percent Italian product; even the bottle is decorated with a typical Italian glass-making technique, while the stopper is made of Italian oak wood. On the label we find a coat of arms meant to recall the rowing competitions that involved the four ancient kingdoms of Italy each year. The two colors blue and yellow represent the sea and the lemons that grow in coastal areas. The acronym G.Q.D.I. means, “Quality Gin Distilled in Italy.” Malfy Gin is made using lemons from Amalfi and Sicily at the Torino Distillati distillery in Moncalieri, established in 1906 and run by the Vergnano family. The two distillers of Malfy Gin are Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni. Their gin boasts the record of being the first Italian gin exported to the US. Malfy Gin’s official website states that the gin was invented in Italy. In fact, one of the oldest proto-gin was created in the year 1000 on the Salerno coast by some monks who made an infusion of juniper and other botanicals in alcohol to create a liquor with a medicinal function.
Malfy Gin is produced in a stainless steel vacuum still. Distillation is carried out at only 60°C, which is the lowest possible temperature at which distillation can be carried out; in this way, maximum extraction of citrus aromas is achieved. Before bottling, the gin is carefully filtered to remove oily residue and give the gin a crystal-clear appearance







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