Es Primitivo Salento IGT

Es Primitivo Salento IGT

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The Id according to Freud: It is instinct and unbridled passion (the same with which this wine was made) without conditions, without rules, beyond space and time, logic and morality.
It knows neither good nor evil. The Id, is subject to only one principle: “THE PLEASURE.”

Gianfranco Fino’s Primitivo “Es” is one of Puglia’s most celebrated and renowned wines, which manages to place itself in an innovative vein while keeping its tradition intact. The traditional side is evident from the choice to blend grapes from different vineyards and the body-power mix that typicality dictates. The modern and original aspect consists, however, in the exemplary balance between structure, alcoholic vein, freshness and savoriness that, in combination with tannins of extreme finesse, makes it agile, while maintaining an aromatic framework of great breadth, intensity and outstanding duration. This is an extremely inviting red, a true concentrated extract of stain, fruit and spice. Elegance and envelopment balance perfectly in an unforgettable sip.

“Es” Primitivo comes from 60-year-old sapling vines rooted on sunny red soil. Grapes are selected with maniacal care and allowed to dry in the vineyard. Gianfranco Fino wants to confront the complex and great tradition of Manduria, bringing to bear his great skills as a winemaker. A project that started from scratch and matured slowly, which managed to perfectly synthesize a combination of innovation and territorial roots. It ferments in steel for 3-4 weeks and macerates for 4 weeks on the skins and ages for 9 months in small first- and second-passage oak barrels.

Gianfranco Fino’s “Es” astonishes with its taste-olfactory range, which sweeps with impeccable grace from ripe fresh fruit to sweet spices, from Mediterranean scrub to toasted hints conferred by wood. Nuances of very ripe black fruit, blackberries, balsamic herbs and sweet spices stand out on the nose. The sip is powerful, warm, enveloping and concentrated, supported by a vibrant freshness that encourages drinking and makes it very elegant and persistent. Pleasant bitter aromatic returns of cinchona, rhubarb and roots gently emerge in the very long, almost interminable finish. A complex, rich, elegant and sensual red of great class and character! A true gem of the Italian wine world.

Grape varieties: 100% Primitivo
Color: very deep and elegant ruby red,
Nose: broad and complex, plum, black cherry and small wild red fruits. Then it is the turn of balsamic notes, chocolate and sweet tobacco, carob and, finally, licorice.
Full-bodied, soft and rich, with a finish that delivers notes of cocoa, and ripe fruit

Gianfranco Fino has rightfully joined the ranks of those winemakers bound to tradition, eager to save old vineyards and keep their specificities alive.
The predominantly Apulian bush-trained vines grow on red limestone-clay soils, caressed by breezes from the Ionian Sea and the warm Apulian sun.
















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