Erasmus Bond Classic Tonic Water 20cl 4pcs

Erasmus Bond Classic Tonic Water 20cl 4pcs

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A Belgian dry tonic water from Erasmus Bond, which tastes of citrus, licorice root and a hint of elderflower thanks to the addition of natural flavorings (four bottles).

Erasmus Bond invented the first tonic water in 1858. This is actually a fizzy mix of sugar, carbonated water and quinine. Quinine, then served as a tea, has been used to fight fever in Latin and South American colonies since the 17th century. It is obtained from the cinchona tree. The soldiers tried to mask the bitter taste with lots of sugar. After Bond patented this mixture, which he had improved with additional flavorings, in 1858, it spread to the rest of the world. Today you can find a wide variety of tonic water in a wide variety of flavors, but they all have one thing in common: quinine. The Erasmus Bond company, named after the tonic water patent, produces its Classic, Dry and Botanical Toner using only natural ingredients.

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