Dictador Colombian Gin Treasure

Delicate scent of tangerines and lemons followed by the freshness of mint, pepper and the sweetness of wood and berries.

In the mouth pleasant and soft notes of citrus, mint and the traditional botanicals enhanced by aging in oak barrels. In the aftertaste still the sweetness of tangerine and slightly sour notes of botanicals.

For the base of Colombian gin, a neutral alcohol is produced that has been distilled from sugarcane up to five times. Berries, botanicals, spices, and citrus peels come together in a unique gin-Colombian Treasure Gin in connection with the aging process, 35 weeks in oak barrels, which was previously used to age Dictador rum.

Dictador is a luxury industry brand that embodies the modern, essential style of today’s beverage world (and beyond). In business for more than 100 years, Dictador in fact offers particularly discerning customers unique products that elegantly represent and express the territory of origin.
The distillery was born in Colombia, from the passion for rum of Spanish “dictator” Severo Arango y Ferro, who arrived in these lands on behalf of the Spanish crown. Immediately falling in love with this fascinating distillate, he was one of the first rum traders and exporters, laying the foundation for the growth of its consumption and the spread of this spirit.
In 1913 one of his descendants, Don Julio Arango y Parra, founded the “Distilerìa Colombiana,” with the aim of producing the best rum in Colombia, in honor of his ancestor and the Dictador brand.
Currently, the Dictador distillery in Cartagena is still run by the Parra family, thanks to Master Blender Hernan Parra. Due to the special climatic conditions, Colombia, and particularly Cartagena, prove to be perfect territories for the cultivation of excellent quality sugarcane. The resulting “Dictador” rum is obviously of the premium type, with attention to every detail of processing and ready to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Bold, sensual and one-of-a-kind artisanal distillates made to ensure moments of relaxation and harmony with every sip. Labels not to be missed include the Rum 20 Year Old Dictador and the fascinating Rum XO “Perpetual.” The Premium Gin “Aged Colombian Treasure,” made from local citrus and left to rest in the barrels where Dictador Rum matured, is also excellent.





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