Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo BIO DOP Buccicatino

Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo BIO DOP Buccicatino


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Cherry wine, fresh and fruity, named for its color and aroma reminiscent of cherries. It is dressed in bright and intense ruby red hues, quite transparent to the eye. Its motion in the glass reveals good density while the arcs the wine forms along the walls are quite tight.

The scents are delicate, sharp and elegant. Hints of small fruits such as cherry or forest fruit such as raspberry and currant excel. Non-invasive mineral notes are perceived.

In the mouth from the very beginning you can feel both the acidity , combined with good flavor, and the delicate softness of the fruit and the important alcohol content. Continuing and completing the tasting, delicate vegetal notes and tannin flavors emerge, giving a firm and slightly rough character. The taste is overall pleasant and reminiscent of cherries in spirit.

Aging: steel

Taste: Velvety, harmonious, with good fullness, body and persistence

Aroma: Fragrant, fresh and fruity, with hints of small fruits such as cherry and light mineral notes

Color: Deep pink

Buccicatino Vini Bio was born, almost as a challenge, in 1993 thanks to Umberto, who created a dynamic enterprise devoted to achieving one goal: obtaining finished products with high quality standards. Despite initial skepticism, Umberto, convinced of his work and bolstered by his stubbornness and the support of his family, has managed to impose wines on the market that have won the widest acclaim from customers. The achievement of early successes have further motivated the owner by directing him to increasingly meticulous care of the vineyards and a total renovation of the winery, with modern winemaking facilities and the setting up of a beautiful cooperage in the basement of the manor house,without neglecting the upper floors of the latter repurposed for tasting and guest reception. The vineyards, all owned by the company, are located in a hilly area with excellent exposure and on soils that tend to be clay and pebbly, which, allowing low yields per hectare, particularly enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the wines produced. Grapes are processed following the old traditions: harvesting is done by hand and with the utmost care to avoid quality alterations in the product. In addition, the high technology of the machinery used contributes significantly to highlighting those characteristics of nobility and typicality of Abruzzi wines, for too long snubbed and today increasingly on the rise in the consideration of insiders and in the tastes of consumers.Currently, the company’s policy is increasingly oriented toward quality improvement through a progressive renewal and replanting of row vineyards with a high density of vines per hectare. The Buccicatino winery relies on the advice of an agronomist and the professionalism and seriousness of winemaker Romeo Taraborrelli, one of the most highly regarded nationwide. Annual production is about 200,000 bottles, with good orders in foreign markets as well (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, England, France, USA). It is possible, by reservation, to taste their products in the elegant, intimate and cozy tasting room. Using the same production criteria, an excellent extra virgin olive oil is produced from local varieties.

















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