Bisbino Gin Bio Pink Edition

Bisbino Gin Bio Pink Edition


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Special edition of Gin Bisbino that is naturally scented and colored thanks to hibiscus flowers. The special feature is that, compared with synthetic dyes, an entirely natural phenomenon takes place: the initial reddish-purple color fades to an increasingly soft pink over time and with exposure to light. Here is the Pink edition!

To naturally scent and color this limited edition Bisbino Organic Gin, the Bisbino Sagl Team used dried flowers of a particular type of Hibiscus, known as carcadè. This product comes from El Fayoum, a large oasis in Egypt with very fertile land, run by small producers who work and fertilize the land thanks to buffalo.

Bisbino Pink Edition is a classic dry gin, smooth and rounded, with a carcadè nose and excellent for making gin tonics and dry cocktails.

In 2016, Martino Mombelli, Giona Meyer, Rupen Nacaroglu and Damiano Merzari decided out of passion and with a touch of madness, to create the first Ticinese Gin. They choose Sagno and the mountains of the Muggio Valley as the focus of their initiative. Since 2016 things have positively evolved, and since 2019 another shareholder, Carolina Valsangiacomo, has joined the company.

With their perfectly balanced skills, they decided to found a company and launch into the production and marketing of natural and certified organic beverages. The picturesque historic gardens of Sagno, where Martino Mombelli grows the herbs, roots and inflorescences that will become part of Bisbino Sagl’s beverage recipes, are the perfect setting to develop their idea.








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