Simplon Beer

Simplon Beer

Simplon Bier

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Ingredients: water, barley malt, Lupollo, yeast.

Simplon beer uses low-fermentation par excellence.

The search for ancient products, the combination of water, barley malt, hop flower, and sourdough give a result of unique and fascinating flavors.

Crystal clear in appearance, this blond is distinguished by its dominant aromas from the noble Saaz flowering hops, the fresh floral and herbaceous notes of the tradition.

Local hops are thrown in generous doses, and in addition to imparting the classic bitterness, partly due to the precious flavors of the variety used, it gives an enticing aroma.

“Our brewery uses classic individual beer technology, taking into account the desires of our consumers. We practice innovation and experimentation.”

Simplon Beer was born on the shores of Lake Maggiore in 1854. It is the story of a beer that has spanned the years and is nourished by history, passion and connection to the land and the best raw materials.

In its blends you can taste all the tradition and craftsmanship of yesteryear, combined with the quality and technology of today.

The beers are made with aromas and flavors, where the basic prerogative was the search for malt, hops, wheat and yeast with characteristics of excellence in the territories that once supplied Lake Maggiore breweries.

In 1854 the Locarno National Brewery (named after the place where it was built) was founded. Although he was born in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland, he soon became Italian and, unlike the dozens of very short-lived breweries that sprung up between 1800 and 1900, he had a 100-year life. The first part of the business ceased in 1974 with the drastic decline in beer consumption.
The Beretta family, the company’s progenitor, was also called upon to contribute to the founding of Sardinian Ichnusa beer because of its well-known knowledge of the techniques of the time.

In 1920 an old convent in Verbania Pallanza, on the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore, was purchased and converted into a brewery. Thus, on October 4, 1921, the “Simplon Beer Limited Company” was born.
In 1923 the import of beer from Canton Ticino was stopped and only production continued in the new Italian plant. The brewery has since changed its name several times, first to “National Beer” and then to “Pallanza Beer” and “Simplon Beer.”

Starting in the mid-1950s, the economic “boom” led the brewery to a surge in orders exceeding 20,000 hectoliters per year.
In the 1960s, numerous trade agreements led to a staggering increase in the production of Sempione Beer in just a few years, which ranked among the best-selling beers in Italy.












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