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The culture of time

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From the lessons of the past to the visionary temperament of today, daring to anticipate the future

The knowledge and know-how-as well as the love for the land and its fruits-have been passed down to the present day, leading Ruggeri to establish itself as the ultimate expression of the evolution of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG in terms of quality and excellence. With a constant focus on the quality of its wines, Ruggeri has perfected innovative sparkling and aging techniques, developing an original “method” that emphasizes not only consistency in quality, but also the unique expression of one’s personality.

The continuous pursuit of quality has resulted in Ruggeri winning numerous national and international awards over the years. This success is the result of a deep knowledge of the vineyards and the land, which has allowed the company to refine its sensitivity to people and nature. Ruggeri is actively involved in preserving the natural heritage of this unique land through projects and collaborations that preserve its beauty.

In more than 70 years of experience in producing sparkling wines, Ruggeri has developed techniques and approaches that have delineated a well-defined and recognizable identity. Their wines are characterized by perfect harmony and consistent quality that successfully meets the challenge of time. These are wines that stand out for their unique personality and refined taste.

If you are passionate about fine wines and want to discover the essence of Ruggeri, don’t miss the opportunity to taste their sparkling wines. You will discover a culture of time that is expressed in every sip, combining tradition and innovation to offer an unforgettable wine experience.