Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

The rarity of the fruit and the fact that it is so difficult to obtain makes Tanqueray Rangpur very special and worth tasting.
Refreshing and pleasantly crisp with Rangpur limes.
Juicy tangerines and juniper, as well as spicy ginger. Fresh and exciting. Long-lasting, somewhat creamy finish.
The “normal” botanicals were supplemented with the Rangpur fruit. This is a type of lime that comes from India. The fruit is believed to be a cross between lemon and tangerine and has a very sour taste.

Charles Tanqueray built a gin distillery in London’s Bloomsbury district in 1830. It supplied the British colonies, particularly Jamaica. Acquired by son in 1868, almost completely destroyed by German air raids in 1941. Today production takes place in Cameronbridge, Scotland.





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