KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin + box set

KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin + box set


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Kyoto’s history and culture have inspired gin designers. No one has ever used rice brandy as the base distillate: compared to brandy made from corn, wheat or barley, gin made from the more expensive rice distillate has a much sweeter profile, a softer finish and creaminess. Kyoto Distillery, located in the former capital of Japan, has inspired and conquered the world with its gins.
Fine citrus notes on the nose, complemented by sansho peppercorns for a strong, sharp touch and woody notes of the Japanese cypress, hinoki.

All botanicals are macerated and distilled separately, only then are they blended. The process of fusion is called Konwa, the creation and assembly of harmony. The labels come from one of the oldest woodblock printing companies in Japan and show floral motifs from the Edo period. The product is manufactured in the Kyoto Distillery Company.

The distillery is Japan’s first gin distillery in Minami-Ku, south of Kyoto. Their gin is also unique: Kinobi means beauty of the seasons and is inspired by Japanese tradition. Botanicals include yellow yuzu, hinoki wood, bamboo, goyokuro tea and green sansho berries.






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