Hendrick’s Gin 35 cl.

Hendrick’s Gin 35 cl.


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A refreshing gin with a strong character and a delicious, floral aroma due to, among other things, German cucumber essence and rose petal oil from Bulgaria. Hendrick’s gin is unique in that it combines two gins distilled separately by two completely different methods and totally different flavors, which, before the addition of the cucumber and roses, do not have much personality. But together they become much more than the sum of their parts: one is intense, oily, juniper-like; the other is light, sweet and floral, but lacks deep notes; yet when combined they produce a full spectrum of flavors.

Hendrick’s is so popular that they have dubbed themselves the Monty Python of gins: all humor and fun. In 2003, the Wall Street Journal designated him the best gin in the world. Many stories circulate about its birth, but the truth is that the manufacturer noticed a hole in the market and thus released this premium gin in 1999, inspired by the habit of eating cucumber sandwiches in English gardens. The brand is curated by an American agency, but with a focus on a unique and unusual “Englishness.” The Victorian-era apothecary-style bottle bears the date 1886, but this does not refer to the gin, but to the year of the founding of the William Grant distillery. Distillation takes place in Ayrshire, Scotland, and the master distiller Lesley Gracie is, which is unusual in this industry, a woman.
Hendrick’s Gin is the result of combining two gins. One made with a Carter-Head still , the other in a small still built in the 1860s by the Bennett, Sons & Shears brewery. These are two very different distillation methods that produce extremely different gins. The 2 botanicals are macerated for about 24 hours before going through the Bennett still. Said simply they are boiled and put directly into the spirit so as to infuse it with most of the aromatic characteristics. All botanicals used in the Carter-Head are added in a basket at the top of the still. They are neither macerated nor boiled, but are as if steamed so as to extract only the lightest, sweetest and most floral aromas. Both distillations take 12 hours to complete. Once the two spirits are combined, cucumber and rose essence are added before water is added and bottled.





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