Engine Pure Organic Gin

Engine Pure Organic Gin

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An organic Italian gin with a fresh and intense aroma of sage and lemon. Distillation takes place under vacuum at very low temperatures.

Organic gin comes from the Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy. A special process with a rotary steam is used to produce Engine Gin, where the gin is distilled under vacuum at very low temperatures. This process gives the gin its intense character with notes of lemon and sage. The main ingredients are lemon peel, sage leaves and juniper berries. The botanicals are complemented by rose petals and licorice roots. All ingredients are 100% organic.

Engine Gin has special patented packaging reminiscent of the world of engines: a canister.

The nose has a fresh and intense aroma of lemon and sage combined with juniper and a slightly floral scent of rose. Lemon dominates the palate, the subtly bitter note of sage is accompanied by a slight sweetness of licorice root.

Organic gin, distillation process with vacuum rotary evaporator at very low temperature








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