Gin Box Swiss Edition 10x5cl + box set

Gin Box Swiss Edition 10x5cl + box set

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This exclusive tasting box contains ten 5cl bottles of selected Swiss gins:

  • TimeOut London Dry Gin: has been produced in the canton of Zurich since 2019 with mostly secret ingredients.
  • Gin 27: Appenzell gin with juniper, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, citrus peel, licorice and violet root.
  • BLZ Gin: London Dry Gin flavored with citrus from the BLZ Brewery in the Bernese Jura.
  • Breil Pur London Dry Gin: distilled with selected organic ingredients from the Graubünden landscape (alpine juniper, alpine roses, chocolate mint…).
  • 1616 Gin: produced by the prestigious Langatun Distillery from twelve secret botanicals.
  • Studer’s Swiss Highland Dry Gin: enriched with juniper, lemongrass, lavender, ginger, coriander and pepper cube according to a centuries-old recipe.
  • Mr. Green Gin: CBD gin infused with organic plants and hemp.
  • Turicum Handcrafted Dry Gin: Zurich gin with partly hand-picked ingredients such as linden blossoms, pine tips and rose hips.
  • Bünzli Gin: Gin with juniper, ginger, clove, dandelion, nettle, thyme and other botanicals produced as a tribute to the town of Wetzikon.
  • Walden: Gin distilled in the canton of Obwalden from hand-picked juniper berries and hibiscus flowers.



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