Gin 27 Mini 12 x 4 cl.

Gin 27 Mini 12 x 4 cl.

Gin 27

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Regional herbs, Asian spices and an attractive black-and-white design characterize this gin as much as its Appenzell origins and development with the help of bar professionals.

Gin 27 comes from Appenzell and combines exotic spices from Asia with regionally grown alpine herbs. In addition to a pronounced aroma of juniper and a hint of coriander, the balanced blend of Asian botanicals can be clearly tasted. Incidentally, the name does not indicate the number of ingredients, but rather the place of origin of this gin, Weissbadstrasse 27 in Appenzell. The recipe, developed by three recognized bar experts together with distillers, is jealously guarded. The regional yet exotic character makes this gin in the attractively designed bottle a very special product.






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